World March Against Genetically Modified Organisms. The World Is Awake!

Young Cyprus Greens proudly participated in the World March against Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms last Saturday, May 24th, at the streets of Nicosia.

It is with great pleasure that we see that each year the number of protesters is increasing and more and more voices join in the battle against Genetically Modified Organisms.

The General Secretary of Young Cyprus Greens, Alexia Sakadaki stated that “we must all understand that we are at this juncture now, where it is our decision if we allow Monsanto – and whichever Monsanto – not only to destroy our physical health but also our planet’s. The control of our food should be our choice and not a weapon in the hands of multinational and pharmaceutical companies”.

The event was under the auspices of Commissioner for the Environment, Mrs. Ioanna Panayiotou.

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